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Monday, July 5, 2010

Beauty And Love

Have you ever wake up in the morning, I mean really early in the morning?
When the sun is just getting up, and it is possible to listen to the songs of birds because there is no traffic?
Well if you do, and i have, you will get stunned by the beauty of the world.
I am not a geographer, so i am not here to tell you about the composition of soil and all these important things.
I am just an observer, an outsider to the busy tempo of life.
When I see the creation at its greatest, all i can think is: "Then GOD said" Genesis 1:3.
The earth, this entire blue beauty and all its inhabitant was made by words,
Except US.
In Genesis 1: 26 GOD said "let us make human being in our image" however HE did not just talk and then man was,
No GOD created human beings in his own image. I bet a lot of you have read this over and over again; but let us see it in a different light.
When the bible says GOD created us at his image, i am prone to imagine that GOD made a self portrait of himself.
In order to make a self-portrait an artist must seat, analyze himself, and put on paper specific characteristics of him/herself that make him unique.
So then Imagine, GOD, someone so great that the earth cannot contain him,
Taking his time, to put his characteristics onto us.
How much time passed when GOD was doing this? making sure all of HIM would be translated in his most perfect creation which is us?
I mean do you know how complex the human being is?
All the systems intertwine in the body, all the glands, veins and arteries, for God to take his time and make us instead of just saying "let there be man". isn't love?
I do not know how much time GOD put in us , but in the end was a being, a creation that pleased GOD, so pleased him, that HE breathed his spirit of Life into it.
So now and then, every time i feel down,
Every time, i belittle the sacrifice of Jesus and do not see his role in my life,
I go back to the Genesis,
Then I remembered,
I remembered someone loved me so much that HE took his time to make me,
I recalled that by breathing his spirit into me, he gave me part of him;
Thus when I proclaim blessing on my life, in the name of Jesus, in this world
I believe it will happen because,
After all the world, was made through words.
Sunday, July 4, 2010

HE wouldn't

Would you look at me, if i tell you who I was?
Would you listen to the darkness inside my heart which I have perfectly hidden from you?
Would you?
My only fault is to be born human,
To be the escape goat of my peer who have low esteem,
And find pleasure in acting more than holy.
However behind the status quo, I am maintaining I am a sinner.
Would you judge me then, ohh holy Christian??
Do not get me wrong I am a Christian, a firm believer in the death and resurrection of our Lord,
The only thing I do not firmly believe in is acceptance of who we truly are as Christian.
We proclaim God is love and will forgive our trespassing but can we truly forgive the fault of other without judgement.
I confess, I am a fornicator, a liar, a greedy woman and much more,
I have a hidden life inside of me that I refuse to share with my fellow christians.
Why you ask?
Would you judge me?
Yes they would, as if they were without sin,
As if when Jesus said that the first one without sin throw the first rock,
He was only referring to the sin of adultery,
They, my fellow christian, forget that GOD is the same, yesterday, today and tomorrow,
and so is his words.
So now this rock is not literrally a rock,
Your side glances when i walk by, the talking and laughter behind my back,
The silence in the room when i enter,
These are the rocks you throw at me,
These are the wound you inflict to me,
And as much as it may hurt me,
Like the prostitute washing Jesus's feet with tears, and only looking at him,
I will only look at my savior.
Would HE judge me?
When i am coming at him with deep regrets in my heart, and a yearning for change?
HE would not!! Because HE said in the old testament,
if my people come back at me wholeheartedly, I would forgive them.
So if HE can forgive, and He would because HE doesn't change
Tell me brothers and sisters,
Why are you still throwing rock at me?
I have so many things to say, but little time to do so
within the spam that is life,
which keeps on pouring like a flood with no barrier,
my conscientiousness grow like a tree devouring a flood.
Within this tree is ME, the real ME.
Hidden by the core, judge by the fruit I bear,
My growth is limited and I just devour the life i have left,
trying desperately to fit within this forest of society,
that is called WORLD....